• Coconut Sorbet Full-Pint (473ml)
  • Coconut Sorbet Full-Pint (473ml)
  • Coconut Sorbet Full-Pint (473ml)
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Coconut Sorbet Full-Pint (473ml)

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Coconut Sorbet (Vegan)

Refreshing, smooth, addictive. There's nothing not to love about this vegan coconut sorbet! Made with 100% coconut juice, without 0 added sugar, at only 51 kcal per 80g, we're definitely going coco-nuts!

Nutrition Facts

Ingredient List
Coconut juice, coconut cream, monk fruit extract, erythritol, allulose, inulin, permitted stabilisers and preservatives.
*Does not contain alcohol, gelatin and eggs.

473ml: Approx 6 servings

All products made in a commercial central kitchen.
Proudly made in Singapore ❤